Cassidy Davis

Actor. Producer. Filmmaker.

Cassidy Davis

Actor. Producer. Filmmaker.


I created, produce, and star in my web series called ADULTING.


It's about an unlikely duo, Katie and Charlie, who take their first stab at the real world together and attempt to be adults.

(Key word: attempt).



S2, EP1: Dying Alone Together


S2, EP2: Brunch Too Hard


S2, EP3: Hot Girl Hangover


S2, EP4: Self Care Can't Save Us


S2, EP5: Living Your Best (Fake) Life



S1, EP1: When You're Catfished by Landlords...


S1, EP2: When Trash Picking Becomes a Lifestyle...


S1, EP3: When You Don't Want to Kiss the Cook...


S1, EP4: When Your Life isn't Really Worth That Much...


S1, EP5: When You Just Can't Anymore..